Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get your start in the business with on-camera acting workshops

Ever thought you wanted to be an actor?
Madeline Voges
Madeline Voges got her start in the film industry with our On-Camera Acting Workshop at the Patel Conservatory six years ago. Now she’s at Tisch School of the Arts in New York City studying acting, voice and dance and getting roles in student films, and she recently completed an internship with Lorne Michaels’ production company.
But it didn’t happen overnight. Voges started singing and dancing in school plays like a lot of kids.
“I liked singing at all the programs at my school [Carrollwood Day School],” said Voges, 20. Her parents frequently saw shows at the Straz Center (then the Performing Arts Center) and discovered the Patel Conservatory before the building even opened.
“Since I had already done theater, I wanted to try on-camera. It was a completely new opportunity. It was different and fun,” said Voges.
The seed was planted and Voges started thinking about a career behind the camera. She continued classes and private coaching with instructor Eugenie Bondurant.
“She’s just amazing,” said Voges. “I just love the environment [at the Patel Conservatory]. It’s so welcoming. I was a little self-conscious in middle school because being into acting wasn’t that cool. But I felt comfortable [at the Patel Conservatory]. I was encouraged to be my own person. Going there was like my second home.”
Voges took an array of classes from dance to theater, and soon started landing roles in community theaters.
When she applied to Tisch, she received coaching from Bondurant and another of her instructors Ami Sallee.
“Tisch was my reach school. I didn’t expect to get in. I cried when I found out I made it!” said Voges.
Now she’s meeting people on both sides of the business, learning behind-the-scenes of production, studying and networking, and loving living in New York.

She recently had the lead in a 30-minute student film at New York Film Academy where they shot all over New York City. "It was very professional, with people standing around watching us. I felt very official," she laughed.

While working at Broadway Video, "We would go over to the set of 30 Rock daily and I got to meet a lot of the crew there, " she said. "It felt pretty cool getting an insiders' perspective. It gave me a new appreciation for the other side of the craft."

When she talks about the Patel Conservatory, she excitedly cites numerous examples of the many experiences that have developed her talents and professionalism. She credits her success today to the start she got here.
“I’m so grateful to the Patel for giving me the opportunity to learn how to network and study my craft. It really prepared me for New York,” said Voges.
Everyone starts somewhere. Get your start in a completely safe, comfortable setting with on-camera workshops.
In February, our On-Camera Acting workshop series continues with “Honestly on camera.” With two sessions (adults, and middle through high school), this workshop focuses on the process of creating believable characters on camera.
Magic doesn’t happen if you don’t let it. Let go of your inhibitions and follow your path on your own creative journey.

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