Monday, February 27, 2012

Theater profile: Mark Bensonoff

Mark Bensonoff enjoys staging theatrical productions, with or without an audience.
According to his mom, this creative 8-year-old from south Tampa never stops singing and performing, on stage and off.
“Mark makes sure our lives are really fun; he’s so happy,” said Elena Bensonoff, Mark’s mom.
With aspirations of performing on Broadway, Mark is a Patel Conservatory musical theater student performing in the upcoming PCYT production of The Bear Went Over the Mountain. He also takes Ballet for Boys and tap dance classes at the Conservatory.
Mark practices at home constantly. Since Mark was two years old, he’s put on shows in his living room. He and his three siblings perform elaborate productions for their parents and grandparents.
“One thing I love about Mark being so involved in theater is that he exposes all the kids [his siblings and friends] to theater,” said Elena.

Mark’s sister, Sophia, also takes ballet and tap classes at the Conservatory. With her kids' schedule, Elena is at Conservatory nearly every day. It’s quite a commitment, but one that Elena doesn’t mind making.
 “Mark said he wanted to do this,” said Elena. “He's opening up and showing us what he needs, and we're allowing him to follow what he likes to do.”
In The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Mark plays Da Squirrel, friend of the title character, Da Bear who goes exploring in this family-friendly show.
Bring the kids, and check out Mark and more than 30 other children in The Bear Went Over the Mountain.
The show will be Mar. 1 - 3 and 8 -10, 2012 in the TECO Theater. Tickets start at $15. For tickets, click here.

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