Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts from the cast of Normal: the Musical!

Hello Tampa Bay! The first week of rehearsal for Normal: the Musical has almost come to an end and the company wanted to share their initial thoughts on the show with you. We hope to see you in the audience on July 29 and 30.

“This musical breaks down the walls of taboo and inspires everyone who has the privilege to see it.” - Orlagh O. 
“It’s very relatable. The musical is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before." - Hannah

“This musical inspires me to explore myself and contemplate what really is “NORMAL.”  Skylar B.
NORMAL the musical is a realistic and dramatic production about a dysfunctional family.” - Anonymous Cast Member

“The show is a seemingly great representation of the intensity of a day in the life.” - Lucy G. 
“You can expect tears, but also expect some comedy. This musical will definitely bring you into the world of one dysfunctional family, who learn many things on their journey.” -Jessica 
“The show is really insightful. Not just a show about an eating disorder.” - Jamie J. 
“Not a show about disorders, it’s NORMAL.” - Ryan S. 
“I want to tell the world to make mistakes big and loud so they can be corrected and not go unnoticed.” - Anonymous Cast Member

“This show is about a family that pays no attention to one another, but gets pulled down by Polly when her family discovers she has an eating disorder. - Allegra B.

Here’s what the cast thought of the first rehearsal of Normal: the Musical.

“Today I thought we learned and accomplished a lot. We were able to learn background info, read through the play, and learn a song in the 1st rehearsal.
                                                                                                -Victoria S.
“The first day was so informative. We were able to have an open forum discussion, learning about the subject matter of the show. This enabled us to feel comfortable as a cast.
                                                                                                - Anonymous Cast Member
“Today at rehearsal, I learned more about eating disorders and we leaned about family relationships. We also read through the script from NORMAL.
                                                                                                -Rosina S.
“Today at rehearsal, we not only learned about musical theater, but we also learned about anorexia awareness. I am so excited to improve my singing and acting also learn new things.”
                                                                                                -Shelby P.

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