Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-school classes teach lessons that last a lifetime

If you think toddlers in our preschool classes like Tots and Tunes are just having fun, think again.

Preschoolers enrolled in our music, theater and dance classes at Tampa's Patel Conservatory are not only having a great time, they’re actually learning developmental skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Learning to play an instrument, for example, helps reinforce self-discipline and confidence as kids realize the rewards of consistent practice, said Catherine Michelsen, Associate Conductor of the Patel Conservatory Youth Orchestra.

"The necessary concentration and attention to detail (required for learning) any instrument, transfers to anything in life," said Michelsen.

She added that kids learn social skills and team-building when playing together in an ensemble, which is true for all arts education including dance and theater.

According to the Children’s Music Workshop, a resource for music educators, “Students of the arts learn to think creatively and to solve problems by imagining various solutions.”

Whether kids are banging on a drum or acting out a story, exploring music and movement helps children develop important language, coordination and critical thinking skills.

“...brain development continues for many years after birth,” the site says. “Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language...

Some indications even show that students who study the arts are more successful on standardized tests such as the SAT, according to the site.

At the Patel Conservatory, we offer classes for kids as young as two years old. Through our Tots and Tunes, Dress Up and Dance, and Creative Drama classes, preschoolers can start developing an appreciation for the arts and a solid foundation for future academic success.

Preschool classes in music, theater, and dance offer fun and learning! Fall classes begin Sept. 4! Online registration is available.

For more information on the benefits of music and arts education, check out this helpful link: Music Advocacy’s Top Ten for Parents.

To learn more about registering for classes at the Patel Conservatory in Tampa, please call 813-222-1002, or visit

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  1. I have a kid who is studying in a preschool at his young age. When he comes back to home, he always has new things to show to us. And from those things, I can see that he is learning a lot deeper than the usual learning that he might get from the house.