Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sulpher Springs students prepare for upcoming show

Students at Sulphur Springs Elementary recently learned about character development through some theater improvisation exercises.

It's all part of a weekly theater class at the school that's part of the Patel Conservatory’s outreach program.

Our outreach program provides arts education to underserved areas in Tampa Bay through community partnerships with schools and organizations.

The theater class at Sulpher Springs, taught by Audrey Seigler, offers students the opportunity to explore their imaginations and work on theater and performance skills.

In a recent class, students learned about character development through improvisation exercises and physical and vocal expressions. Students were asked to move, speak and react to various circumstances and situations.

The exercises helped the students learn acting techniques in preparation for their upcoming production of Sleepy Hollow, which they’ll perform in May in the TECO Theater at the Patel Conservatory.

Instructor Audrey Siegler, right, leads students through theater exercises.

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