Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spotlight on Josh Chung

Josh Chung
Congratulations to Patel Conservatory violin student Josh Chung who recently celebrated his book one graduation in the Suzuki program.

The Suzuki violin program is a parent-child approach to learning the instrument based on the Japanese violin teacher Shinichi Suzuki's beliefs that every child has talent.

There are 10 Suzuki Violin School books,” explained Patel Conservatory Suzuki instructor Catherine Michelsen

“Dr. Suzuki incorporated a graduation system in which students, upon achieving certain playing levels, would record several polished pieces of music...This was a celebration of accomplishment.”

Josh has been a Suzuki student at the Conservatory for two years, and he is the first Conservatory student to complete the first violin book.

“He and his family have been amazing to work with. Disciplined, dedicated, and supportive, Josh and his family really exemplify the Suzuki philosophy,” said Michelsen.

Josh developed a passion for music at an early age.

“He’s the one who asked to take violin lessons,” said Josh’s mom, Sue Chung. “We really love the whole program and the facility. I just love the environment [at the Patel Conservatory], it’s not only violin, but it’s Rock School and dance, and you just feel that when you enter the building...I walk in, and I just feel calm.”

To celebrate his recent accomplishment, Josh performed selections from the first Suzuki violin book in a recital for family and friends last week in the TECO Theater.

“I feel pretty good and proud,” said Josh.

Learning how to figure out the notes in practice was a challenge as he progressed through more difficult pieces. He’s learning how to play by ear and work through it on his own.

“It was kind of hard, but I persevered and I did it,” he said.

Josh will continue his Suzuki journey and start on the next book this year. The skills he gains from Suzuki - discipline, patience and teamwork - will serve him throughout all areas of his life.

“I’m so extremely proud of him...He’ll always have this love and passion for music,” said Sue.

For more information about Suzuki violin lessons or other instrumental private lessons at the Conservatory, click here.

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