Friday, November 22, 2013

Spotlight on Julia Powell

Julia Powell, left, performs at a Rock School Blowout concert.
Fourteen-year-old Julia Powell is a longtime student at the Patel Conservatory.

"My favorite thing about the Patel Conservatory is the music program...I think it's individualized to the person, plus there are a lot of classes," said Julia.

She started in the theater program when she was young, and has participated in Rock School for the past two years as a guitarist and a vocalist. 

“I like Rock School because I want to be a musician and it’s given me an image of what it’s going to be like,” she said.

This year, she’s also taking the new Voice Rocks! (VOX) class. The class has given her the opportunity to focus on vocal training in the style of music she enjoys.

“The vocals are my favorite part of performing. I enjoy the VOX program because it allows me to have more individualized attention.”

VOX teacher Deborah Lynch enjoys having Julia in her class. Dee teaches a number of classes at the Patel Conservatory and helps coordinate our Rock School Program. 

“Julia is soft-spoken, gracious and attentive,” said Lynch. “She possesses a thirst for knowledge that is reflected in her participation in the Conservatory's Rock music programs. She brings a lovely spirit to her classes!”

This weekend, Julia will perform in the Rock School Blowout concert. She’ll play two songs with her Rock School band, the Mellow Strawberries, as well as Green Day’s hit Time of Your Life, which will be her first solo performance.

The concert will be Sat., Nov. 23 at 1 p.m. in the Jaeb Theater. Tickets are still $5 through today, and $7 on the day of the show.

For more information about the Rock School Blowout or the VOX class, contact us at 813-222-1002 or visit our website.

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