Friday, April 1, 2011

Improve your on-camera skills

Actors who hope to work in “the biz” know that constant training is a must.

Anyone who wants to learn how to be more believable on camera, or gain confidence in front of an audience, should check out the upcoming on-camera acting workshop.
Taught by certified Meisner teachers who are professionals in the industry, the on-camera workshop series takes on scene study in April. Learn how to approach cold readings, script memorization and character preparation.
You’ll be more confident walking into your next audition, and be ready for bookings for television and film. And skills acquired in the class can help you in real-life situations like interviews and business presentations.
The Scene Study workshop for grades 6 - 12 runs April 9 - April 30, and the on-camera workshop for  adults runs April 28 - May 19.

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