Monday, April 18, 2011

Tampa Prep students contribute to Alice set

The musical chairs in the Mad Hatter scene of PCYT's Alice in Wonderland, Jr. are characters in their own right, says Gigi Jennewein, theater director of the Patel Conservatory.
The twelve chairs used throughout the show were designed and painted by the Studio Art class and middle schoolers in Martha DeAmbrose’ art classes at Tampa Preparatory School.

“Ms. Ambrose embraced the idea enthusiastically and within one short week of dropping the chairs off at Tampa Prep, they were completed and back to us for technical rehearsals,” said Jennewein.
“Each chair tells an individual story,” said DeAmbrose. Each represents a scene in the show: the tea party, the rabbit, the drinks that make Alice grow, etc.

The students came up with the designs on their own, making each one an artistic expression.
“Just watching the middle schoolers and upper classes come together was wonderful,” said DeAmbrose. Some students are interested in pursuing set design, so this was a nice introduction for them, she said.
 “I love when [the chairs] make their entrance on stage, not just because they are so fitting for the scene, but because of the partnership that went into creating them,” said Jennewein.
Alice in Wonderland, Jr. continues this weekend at the Patel Conservatory, with shows Thursday through Saturday.

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