Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Karate champ pursues musical theater

Whether getting ready for a karate competition or a theater production, 11-year-old Tyler Luginski knows the importance of solid training.
“I’ve been in karate for 5 or 6 years. I love the sport. I’ve competed nationally and won,” said Luginski, who took time out from a workout to chat with me.
“I have to train cardio because when you’re sparring you have to have a lot energy,”  said Luginski. To train for karate, he runs and practices his “kata” techniques at home.
A Karate kata is a pattern of movement, that includes stepping and turning. The idea is to perfect form and technique.
“It’s like a dance,” said Luginski. Given his kata experience, theater isn’t a huge leap for this karate champ.
Though he has a black belt in traditional karate, he also has a love for music and performing and recently joined the Patel Conservatory musical theater program.
“I got into musical theater in 5th grade. I got the lead in Compose Yourself, a play about how famous composers come to life.” Luginski's role as Beethoven for the school production at Veteran's Elementary included solo performances, which made him want to pursue music and acting classes even more.

"I started researching places [to study performing arts]," said Lugnmski’s mom, Angel. "The Patel Conservatory is right there at the theater [Straz Center], so I thought we'd check it out."

Lugimski signed up for our summer Vocal Arts Academy.
“I liked that I got to learn a bunch of different styles, like show choir and more traditional choir,” he said.
He enjoyed the experience so much that he signed up for the musical theater class, which meets once a week for three and a half hours and includes training in music, theater and dance.
The new curriculum of our musical theater program includes training from different instructors in each discipline in order to help students become well-rounded, and ultimately more prepared for Broadway-style roles that require singing, dancing and acting.
“I’m getting all of it, so if I were to perform, I’d be more prepared,” said Luginski.
“His dream is to be on Broadway some day,” said Angel. With his dedication to training, he’s sure to be on his way.

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