Monday, October 3, 2011

Theater guest blog: learning something new every day

Guest blog by Colleen Crowder, Theater Apprentice for the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center.
Since day one of my experience here, I have felt a mixture of emotions. I’ve felt overwhelmed, excited, blessed and challenged. Being here thus far has been amazing. The staff is BEYOND helpful and very nice. Everyone is great at what they do.

I haven’t gotten the opportunity nor have I been exposed to the kinds of things that I have been doing here since high school. So it felt good getting back into it, but, at the same time, I felt like I had a desperate need to catch up. I’m getting back into the swing of things as I am hearing various theater terms as I walk through the halls.

The fact that I am even involved with The Straz Center is a blessing in itself. I had really begun to give up hope when I didn’t get a call back. I know how hard it is to even get a hand in the door in the theater business, so the idea of me even reaching out for the position was a stretch. My whole college career I worried about whether I would ever be given an opportunity to expand and enhance my knowledge and talent in performing arts. This program is truly letting me do that.
Today would be my third day and since day one I have learned something new. Nothing is repetitive and I appreciate that. What I appreciate most is that if at anytime I need a review on something, there is always someone to assist me. I really like working with Paul in the production room. I’m a little rusty on the production side, so it's good to be around the equipment and familiarize myself again.

Being in the classrooms are pretty awesome also. I enjoy seeing how receptive the children are. I have worked with children and dance before, but never in my life have I ever seen so many passionate kids. Their desire to learn is so inspiring.
Tonight I will be watching the Our Town rehearsal again; I’m actually looking forward to that. It's nice to be on the outside looking in. Being in this program has really made me look at directing in a different light. Each time I read the book,” I take a piece of what I have read, reflect on it and try to incorporate it in the read through. I am looking into purchasing the book myself, it really speaks to me. I enjoy the fact that it is so complex yet SO easy to comprehend.

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