Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Theater guest blog: Flash mob at Broadway Ball!

Guest blog by Braxton Perry, cast member for PCYT's production of Our Town 

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011
Woah! It's almost been a month since my last blog! Things have been super busy for me. I'm not only doing this blog, I'm also doing a vlog (a video blog) which gets posted on the Patel Conservatory Facebook page (hopefully the next one will be out this week).
One cool thing I had the chance to do this past weekend was to be at the Broadway Ball and play Lurch in the Addams Family flash mob. (A flash mob is a surprise dance breakout.) The Broadway Ball was really nice (I think you can see some pictures online), and from everything I saw, it looked like it was worth the price of the evening (seriously, I would go if I could next year).
I got to Morsani Hall early, and we went and checked out the dressing rooms. I then went to the lobby (which is where we would be interacting with the guests and doing the flash mob). We ran the dance a few times, which started with a piece from the great Next Generation Ballet dancers.
After that I had some makeup put on and ate dinner. As the guests arrived, we went around and took pictures with them for a few hours. Finally, we did the flash mob. Everyone did a great job dancing (Tall Paul - you did great with the arrow!) and everyone loved it. It was a great experience.
Broadway Ball flash mob in Morsani lobby. Photo by Rob Harris

Of course, you may also be wondering how Our Town is going... It's going great!
We're doing a lot of run-throughs of the different acts (tonight is off-book for Act 2; yikes!), and it's going really smoothly. Something funny for you: yesterday, for a focus exercise, we did some yoga poses. I'm not sure if we got the focus bit... Everybody was cracking up. It's hard to keep a straight face when all your friends are looking like trees.
As always, I could write so much more (like a minute by minute of my entire life), but I think that's a good very basic brief on what I've been doing.
Chase your dreams...and hopefully catch them!
[My] Teacher of the Week:
Catherine Michelsen. She’s my violin teacher at the Patel Conservatory. I really appreciate her dealing with my sometimes ridiculous over-logical questions. You're awesome!
Things I like:
Light bulbs, rubber bands, hand sanitizer and paper clips (all related somehow... I think)
Cameras and green cloths

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  1. You are awesome, Braxton! Thanks for the cool post.