Friday, December 9, 2011

Acclaimed guitarist to teach at Patel Conservatory

Musician Dean Tidey has toured Europe, Australia, Japan and the United States. Now he’s bringing his knowledge and experience to the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center in Tampa.
Tidey has spent the last 12 years as guitarist for the acclaimed UK rock band Feeder. He’s also released albums with the bands Velvet Jones and Sandstone Veterans, and written, recorded and/or performed with many other artists including Alex Lloyd, Emm Gryner, Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Richey and Giles Martin.
“With the band Sandstone Veterans, we had the unique opportunity of touring Cuba, after initially going there by invitation,” said Tidey.
But family life has brought this rock star to settle down in Tampa, where he’s sharing his expertise with aspiring musicians.
Tidey moved to Tampa with his wife April, who grew up in Plant City, and son Elliot, 6. Since coming to Tampa, he’s kept busy as a a recording artist and music producer. This January, he adds teacher to his long list of accomplishments as he joins our Rock School team of instructors.
“When my wife and I first got together, I was touring constantly,” said Tidey. “It’s not ideal to have a family and be gone all the time.”
He jokes that touring can eventually be like living in the movie Groundhog Day. Always in an airport or hotel, “It’s the same thing over and over,” says Tidey.

Despite enjoying his long career on the road, he recently cut back on touring to be home more.
When he did a show with Kim Richey at the Straz Center, he learned about our Rock School program. He was touring at the time, but now that he’s staying closer to home, he’s decided to start teaching.
As a recording artist signed to George Martin’s company, he’s recorded with an array of bands and artists, which makes teaching a Rock School band a perfect fit.
“If there’s one thing I can do, I can help a band work together,” said Tidey.
With the addition of Tidey, Rock School will now be offered four days a week in January.
Rock School is open to anyone in grades two through adult, from beginner to advanced. Placement auditions will be Jan. 3, Jan. 7 and Jan. 10, 2012.
Come study with the best in the bay area!
For more information, or to schedule your audition, call 813-222-6411.

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  1. What a great addition to an amazing Rock School team!