Thursday, December 8, 2011

NGB dancers find their rhythm

Last week, the dancers of Next Generation Ballet got the opportunity to switch gears for an afternoon.

Contrary to their normal poise and grace, they had a great time swinging their hips to the Cuban rhythms of the Kings of Salsa.
Kings of Salsa performed at the Straz Center last Thursday evening. Dance company members Lia Rg and Geminiano Alejandro took time out of their afternoon prior to the performance for a master class with NGB dancers.
“It was so much fun,” said NGB new artist Marta Kelly. “It was a mixture of their cultural dances. It’s a rhythm that you have to feel.”
The class is just one of the many great opportunities our students enjoy being part of the Straz Center.
“Like when we got to do Broadway Ball,” said Kelly, “Ballet dancers don’t usually get asked to do salsa.”
With theater, music and dance under one roof, sharing theaters and rehearsal space with touring artists and Broadway shows, there’s always something happening . Our youth orchestra recently performed to a crowd in Morsani lobby prior to a Florida Orchestra concert.
Coming soon, Black Violin will offer a master class and demonstration to some of our outreach students, and in February, the Improvised Shakespeare Company will offer a workshop open to the public.

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