Friday, January 13, 2012

The difference between acting for the stage and acting for the camera

Although veteran actor Grace Feeney had studied theater extensively, she never took an on-camera acting class before coming to the Patel Conservatory in Tampa.
Grace Feeney in our on-camera acting class.
“It was interesting to learn the technicalities of being in front of the camera,” said Feeney. “I have a lot of little quirks I didn’t know I had.”
The on-camera acting classes at the Patel Conservatory, taught by Eugenie Bondurant, focus on how to be truthful as an actor in front of the camera. Through improvisation techniques and acting exercises, actors learn how to stand out at an audition and how to be sincere and candid, showing off their true selves.
Bondurant is a certified Meisner instructor, and also offers private acting lessons. Students in the on-camera classes learn industry terminology and tips of the trade.
“She helped me get my first agent, which led to some of my first on-camera roles,” said Feeney, who now lives in Los Angeles.
Whether a veteran actor, or someone just learning about the business, the on-camera workshops are a great way to stay active, have fun and network with others. The camaraderie of working together with other actors with similar goals inspires students to be creative and take chances.
“The last time I took her class was in 2006, but we still talk. That’s what’s great about Eugenie,” said Feeney. “And that’s what this industry is all about, building relationships.”

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