Monday, January 9, 2012

Try something new in the new year!

We’re well into the new year, and how do your resolutions look?
If you’ve vowed to take some time for yourself this year, now is the time!
Classes start back this week at the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center in Tampa.

Students of all ages enjoy community
dance classes.
The performing arts offer an emotional and creative outlet by engaging your mind and body in a way that's fun and educational.

Acting classes, group guitar lessons, dance for adults and kids, voice lessons, piano, violin, and much, much more, are all under one roof.

Whether you’ve always wanted to try a dance class or you’ve been thinking about picking up that instrument you haven’t touched since high school, check out the nurturing environment at the Patel Conservatory.

We have an array of classes for the adult lifelong learner. Musicians, check out our group guitar class, rock school, jazz ensemble or private lessons. Dancers can take an array of dance classes with our dance card option. If you love to sing, join our jazz voice ensemble or vocal arts program. If acting is your thing, we have two levels of acting for adults, as well as three upcoming workshops.

One of our Rock School bands performs at the Rock School
Blowout concert on the Riverwalk.
Being attached to one of the largest performing arts centers in the country, there is always something going on, and an energy in our halls and classrooms.  As part of the Straz Center, our students also receive special privileges such as classes and demonstrations from visiting artists, and tickets to shows.

Everyone is welcome, from the professional who wants to stay current with his skills, to the beginner who wants to learn something new.
With exceptional instructors who are working professionals in their respective industries, our students have gone on to study at prestigious schools such as the Tisch School of the Arts and the Royal Ballet School in London.
With classes in dance, music and theater for all ages and skill levels, pre-school through adults, the Patel Conservatory offers open enrollment.

Classes start this week! Come join us, and bring a friend!

For more information, call 813-222-1002.

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