Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New instructors for hip hop dance classes

The Patel Conservatory welcomes two new hip hop instructors this fall, Marcus Borders and Lisa Warren.

Lisa taught the adult hip hop class last year at the Patel Conservatory and this year, she’ll be taking over our Hip Hop Show Team, for grades 4 to 12.

An ethnic dancer specializing in such styles as West African Ballet and Brazilian, Lisa studied hip hop at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. A Tampa native, she has choreographed for local dance studios and summer camps, and local shows including The Chocolate Nutcracker at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg.

“This year is going to be amazing,” said Lisa about teaching the Hip Hop Show Team at the Conservatory. “My ultimate goal is to cultivate each child in a way that they will know their inner style. I just want them to feel confident, and know that anything they want to achieve, it will happen. It just takes hard work and persistence.”

Marcus Borders, photo courtesy of
VYB Dance Company.
Marcus Borders will be teaching hip hop classes at the Patel Conservatory for grades one through adult.

Marcus is a Tampa native who began dancing when he was eleven years old. He studied dance at Blake High School and went on to tour with Astro/Genesis Records for three years and performed for gospel composer Carlton Burgess and with VYB Dance Company. He also choreographed a show for gospel artists Cepeda McKay and No Limits, which was performed on the Bobby Jones Gospel show on B.E.T.

“I want my students to understand the meaning of hip hop,” said Marcus. “I’m hoping to take the hip hop classes to another level this year.”

He’s taught dance at Blake High School and choreographed shows for the University of Tampa. He’s performed in and choreographed for many local performances including The Chocolate Nutcracker, and performed with 

For more information or to register for hip hop dance classes or any of our community dance classes, please call 813-222-1002.

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