Friday, October 18, 2013

Experience the original music of The Odyssey

Shaun Hailey calls himself an amateur, yet he is on his eighth show at the Straz Center as sound engineer and his skills in the job are clear.

By day, Hailey is a mortgage underwriter, but he also creates the sound for many Jobsite Theater shows at the Straz. Now, as the sound engineer for the Patel Conservatory Theater production of The Odyssey, he’s created an original music score.

The Odyssy is set in ancient Greece and director Ami Sallee wanted to keep everything, including the music, authentic to the period. This means that Hailey had to work in a new format for the music because during the time Greece did not use the traditional twelve note octave. 

“It was the most difficult undertaking I’ve done, but it's been a fantastic learning experience for me,” said Hailey, who was not alone in the challenge.

Heather Blalock, left, and Parker Wilkson, perform
original music for The Odyssey
Parker Wilkson and Heather Blalock assisted with the music for The Odyssey. Wilkson is a Conservatory student in our Rock School, theater and jazz programs. He plays the keyboards for The Odyssey. He’s used improvisation skills to find the sounds for the play, and has done brilliantly despite only having a week to work on the show. 

Blalock is a professional musician and a student at USF who has worked in tandem with Hailey from the start of the show. During The Odyssey, she plays four instruments, the violin, water phone, tubular bells, and a tin whistle, to accomplish some of the sounds needed for the play. Blalock often works with Hat Trick Productions; this is her first show with the Patel Conservatory and she’s enjoying it.

“I love the diversity in the show and its many layers. It was a challenge but exciting to see the great talent who are all so dedicated to the show,” said Blalock.

This trio has done a fantastic job with the sound and music for The Odyssey and it is just one of many reasons to come see the show! 

The Odyssey continues through Sat., Oct. 19, 2013. All Patel Conservatory students receive 50% off, and student tickets are just $3.50 for groups of ten or more.

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