Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Theater camps take the stage

by Ami Sallee Corley, theater department instructor

Great job to the students and instructors of last week’s Musical Theater, On-Camera and Page to Stage camps for an exceptional week of performances!
Musical Theater Camp, Summer, 2011
The magnitude of what can be accomplished with team teaching is amazing. In the past, the musical theater camps have been a max of 20 kids taught by the same faculty member all day long. This faculty member had some knowledge in all 3 areas but was usually a master of only one - usually theater. I know this format very well as I was that one faculty member for over 10 camps in the last 7 years.
This year we worked smarter to combine three age groups of 20 in one camp where they visited a music, theater and musical theater influenced dance faculty member in rotation throughout the day.
Susan Downey, Dee Lynch and Matt Belopavlovich have proved the system to be exponentially more productive as far as product, yes. But most importantly, I have seen the campers grasp important root concepts of the individual disciplines in a way they could not in the previous teaching model. Last week, the Musical Theater camp was packed, and our three stellar teachers really harnessed the groups’ talents.

Instructors Lani Wynskye and Audrey Siegler took their Page to Stage camp on a fantastical journey. The campers really got a sense of the whole process and you could see that they hung on the direction and wisdom coming from these two lovely co-creators of their magical journey. Some fun fairy-tale inspired stories and really hard work by the playwright/actor/campers came out of it.
In our On-Camera Acting camp, which should really be renamed "What it takes to make a movie,” the students did a remake of Shrek across our campus. Will Albritton and
Natalie Lopez produced some excellent work with everyone. And the students were a true ensemble when I saw them.
This Thursday and Friday, you can see our PCYT production of LOL: the Musical, in which the students have created an original production. And our PCYT Jr. camp wil perform in a full stage production of Seussical the Musical, Jr. next weekend. Please join us for either of these wonderful shows!
This is the fullest, smoothest summer I've experienced. Not only is everyone having a good time and making friends, but they are also going home with quality skills.

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