Monday, July 18, 2011

Theater guest blog: rehearsals

Guest blog from Patel Conservatory Summer Theater production
by Aliya Burshan, cast member of PCYT's Seussical the Musical, Jr.

Students work on choreography.
Last week in Seussical, Jr. rehearsals, we began putting together the second act. It took a very long time connecting the pieces, because there were a lot of things to remember.
Every day we did a full run-through to a certain stopping point. All cast members had to be “off  book” (all lines memorized) by Thursday. Ms. Susan, our choreographer, had a challenging week teaching us our dance moves. She discovered not all cast members knew their right from their left. Every time someone used a wrong hand or foot, we’d have to start all over again. It was very aggravating! But in the end, we managed to put on a dazzling performance.  
During the busy week I still managed to find the time to sit down with some of the other cast members. Here’s an interview with Malaya Morris: 
Q: How is the experience so far?
A: FUN, but hard.
Q: How do you think you got the part?
A: By trying my hardest and rehearsing.
Q: What is some advice you would give to a person auditioning?
A: To definitely use your diaphragm to help you breath when you’re singing.
Q: How long have you been performing?
A: 2 years.
Q: What is your part in Seussical?
A: Sour Kangaroo.
Q: What is your favorite part in Seussical so far, and why?
A: The songs because they are fun to learn and they tell stories.
This week is our last week of rehearsals. Check back again to see how things are coming along for our big performances this Thursday and Friday evening!

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