Monday, April 30, 2012

Piano students compete at state convention

Congratulations to the Pfingsten family who have three children going to the state 2012 Florida Federation of Music Clubs Junior Convention this weekend.
Patel Conservatory piano students Abigale, 13, John, 12, and Samuel Pfingsten, 8, participated in the district auditions of the National Federation of Music Clubs in Tampa in February. All received superior ratings from judges on their performances in all categories (piano solo, piano duet and piano concerto), which qualified them to move on to the state convention.
“I’m so proud to hear the judge’s feedback on how well they played,” said their piano instructor John Hernandez.
Abigale and John have been taking private lessons with Hernandez at the Conservatory for nearly three years, and Samuel began lessons six months ago.
Abigale performed solo pieces by Mary Leaf and Albert Pieczonka, of which the judges commented she had “fantastic technique,” said Hernandez. She also played a Mozart concerto.
John, who won last year's Tampa's Got Talent, performed solo pieces by Claudette Hudelson and Sergei Prokofiev, which, according one judge's comments, were "masterfully played." He also performed a concerto by Haydn
“A concerto has a lot of demands, technically and musically...The judges were impressed by the maturity level of their playing for their age,” said Hernandez. 
Samuel Pfingsten performed solo pieces by Rebecca Lewis and Judy E. Wells.
“Sam is very controlled for his age,” said Hernandez. “The kids work really hard, that really helps. And it motivates me as a teacher.”
Abigale and John also performed a duet by M. Mier and O. Respighi. This weekend, Hernandez will be accompanying them on their concertos.

"One of the good things about moving on is that they will get to perform with the best students from around the state," said Hernandez.
Best wishes to these students as they compete at the state competition this weekend, May 4 and 5, 2012 at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville!

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  1. Great students! Congratulations Pfingstens and John Hernandez, we are proud to have you at Patel Conservatory!
    Gregory Ruffer
    Music Department Chair, Patel Conservatory