Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hannah Beach shares her Royal experience

Congratulations to Hannah Beach, who recently performed as part of the Swan Corp in the Royal Ballet Company’s production of Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House in London.

Hannah, backstage in
Swan Lake in London
Hannah trained at Next Generation Ballet at the Patel Conservatory before moving on to the Royal Ballet School (RBS) in London in 2011. She was one of only six students from RBS cast in the professional company performance of Swan Lake.

Hannah’s sister, Gabrielle Beach, now an NGB Apprentice, will perform in The Nutcracker at the Straz Center on Dec. 22 and 23, 2012.

The following is from a letter from Hannah to NGB artistic director Peter Stark about her recent experiences...
“I have been extremely busy over here in London. Swan Lake has finally finished after performing in 21 shows, but it’s not over because I am now doing Snowflakes, Flowers and a cover for Angels (understudy) in The Nutcracker. I just did Flowers Corps in the opening dance and the Finale during the Act II run through yesterday :) I am so happy to be doing so much with the company!!!! [...]
On Monday the school and some company members performed for an arts gala at Buckingham Palace!! It was absolutely amazing! They set up a stage in the throne room and we danced and met Prince Charles :D Darcey Bussell and Natalie Portman were also there! 
Photo by Johan Persson
After the show, the Prince came to talk to us and ask us about how we got to the school and were we are from. I got to talk to him directly and say that I am from the States and I came to the school through a competition. He asked why I chose Royal over other schools in America. I said that everyone in America want to come to London because the school is of better and different quality. He was happy to hear that. lol

Today the graduating class is all taking a bus to Birmingham to visit the Royal Birmingham Ballet! I also have an audition in Hamburg for the Hamburg Ballet on December 9th. :) I am so excited to travel there and see what Germany is like. I am preparing Lilac Fairy as a solid and strong variation to do if they ask for one [...].
I hope everything is going well back at NGB. I hope I can see a dress rehearsal or something of The Nutcracker while I'm home in December, I miss everyone, and please tell Ms. Ivonne about my adventures. :)”

Congratulations to Hannah on her success!

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