Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Theater instructor helps students find their 'inner actor'

Actor, writer and director Kerry Glamsch returns to the Patel Conservatory this spring to teach the Adult Acting 1 class, which starts in January.

Currently a theater teacher at the University of Tampa, Glamsch recently directed UT's fall production of Picnic. He also directed Radiant Child at FreeFall Theatre earlier this month.

When Glamsch isn’t teaching, acting or directing, he’s writing.

“I don’t see writing much different than theater: it’s all story telling,” Glamsch said. “There are stories that percolate inside that I feel like I need to get out.”

His play The Fur Bearer had a staged reading at American Stage last month.

“The play is about a teenage boy who blames his mother for his brother’s death,” said Glamsch.

Through the character’s journey, Glamsch says the play is about learning “to focus on the present, and let go of anger and resentment.”

The reading of The Fur Bearer was part of American Stage’s “Hot Off the Press” play reading series.

In addition, Glamsch’s horror screenplay, The Judas Goat, was recently optioned by Cherub Films, in Denver, which gives the company the rights to produce it for one year.

Glamsch has an admirable commitment to the craft of writing.

“When I’m in full writer mode, I try to carve out three or four hours every morning to write,” he said.

Some days the words flow easily, while other times he has to push past that dreaded writers’ block.

“It does take that discipline to actually see it through. You really have to force yourself."

While it takes discipline to finish a story, Glamsch believes we all have the necessary creativity for storytelling.

“We all have a vehicle inside of us to tell stories, an inner actor. Teaching an acting class is waking up that inner actor,” he said.

Congratulations to Glamsch for his writing successes! We’re glad to have him back at the Conservatory, sharing his passions with our adult acting students.

“I am excited to be back. I love the diversity of the classes and the commitment from the students,” said Glamsch.

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