Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Suzuki students earn prizes for practice

Nitya Katwala opens her prize.
Congratulations to Patel Conservatory Suzuki violin students who recently received prizes for their hard work and dedication!

Students in Hollis Hammond’s and Catherine Michelsen’s Suzuki violin classes recently were rewarded for months of practice.

“We started keeping track of the student’s progress with a marble incentive in January,” said Michelsen.

Parents were asked to keep notes and keep track of how often the students practiced at home.

“For every day they practiced, they got a marble in their jar,” said Michelsen. “The idea is that they are competing with themselves, not each other.”

After months of watching their marble jars fill up, the students were rewarded with an in-class prize party.

Antonio Velazquez, left, and Josh Chung
Kids who practiced an average of 5 days a week received a prize, and kids who practiced 6 to 7 days a week received two tickets to the Florida Orchestra!

“We’re always trying new things to motivate the students. For some students, it was a wonderful motivator. The visual helped them.”

An added bonus of the marble incentive is that it helped instructors keep track of how the kids were progressing.

“I want to know what’s happening at home,” said Michelsen.

“The parents have enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m really proud of all of our students.”

Soraya Baldwin, left, and Sudenaz Koksal

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